(A)   Purpose. To provide centralized areas for businesses that are highway or automobile oriented businesses, and for light-industrial and wholesale enterprises.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   All uses permitted (whether by right of conditional use permit) in District B-1;
      (2)   Live bait stores;
      (3)   Transport or motor freight terminals (interior storage only);
      (4)   Warehousing;
      (5)   Miscellaneous business uses including:
         (a)   Contractors and carpenters offices, and shops and building material establishments, where dimension lumber, mill work, cabinets and other building materials are kept for sale;
         (b)   Glass cutting, glazing and mirror shops;
         (b)   Greenhouses and nurseries;
         (d)   Laboratories, experimental and testing, provided no production or manufacturing takes place;
         (e)   Secondhand and rummage stores;
         (f)   Plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning and roofing supply shops;
         (g)   Printing and publishing of newspapers, periodicals, books and including other press work;
         (h)   Open sales lots;
         (i)   Sign shops;
         (j)   Public and semi-public utility uses;
         (k)   Cabinets and furniture making and sales;
         (l)   Electronic sales, service and storage;
         (m)   Commercial sewing and fabric processing; and
         (n)   Recycling, recycling processing and manufacturing from recyclable materials of a non-hazardous nature.
      (6)   Uses permitted under § 152.092(B).
   (C)   Conditional uses.
      (1)   Automobile repair - minor;
      (2)   Commercial recreation;
      (3)   Car and/or truck washes;
      (4)   Motor vehicle and/or marine sales, new or used;
      (5)   Motor fuel station;
      (6)   Bulk fuel storage; and
      (7)   The sales and service of agricultural or farm equipment, construction and/or industrial machinery and equipment, including body repair, rebuilding, painting incidental and accessory to new and used sales.
   (D)   Permitted accessory uses.
      (1)   Any incidental repair, processing or storage necessary to conduct a permitted principal use, but no exceeding 30% of the floor space of the principal building;
      (2)   Off-street parking;
      (3)   Fences; and
      (4)   Signs.
   (E)   Height, area and yard requirements.
      (1)   Minimum yard requirements:
         (a)   Front yard setback: 40 feet;
         (b)   Side yard:
            1.   Interior lot setback: 15 feet; and
            2.   Side street setback: 30 feet.
         (c)   Rear yard setback: 30 feet.
      (2)   No structure or building shall exceed 35 feet in height.
      (3)   A structure shall cover no more than 35% of the lot area.
      (4)   The minimum lot area is 20,000 square feet.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 133, passed 9-26-1995; Ord. 172, passed 3-22-2005)