(A)   Includes all provisions of § 152.089(A) through (E), except § 152.089(C)(2) (two-family dwellings will not be allowed as a conditional use).
   (B)   Additional permitted use:
      (1)   The use of a single camping unit, from the date of the granting of a camping unit permit, for four years while a permitted residential structure is in the planning phase through construction completion. A contractor construction trailer will not be counted as the single permitted camping unit. A tent is not to be considered a camping unit and is not permitted. A camping unit is allowed on a seasonal basis only during this four-year period not to exceed eight consecutive months for each occurrence. During the four-year camping permitted time period, the following benchmarks must be attained starting from the effective date of the permit for a camping unit:
         (a)   End of first year: sufficient land cleared for a permitted residential structure;
         (b)   End of second year: completed installation of permitted water and sewer service lines;
         (c)   End of third year: completed construction of slab on foundation for a permitted residential structure; and
         (d)   End of fourth year: completed construction of a permitted residential structure.
      (2)   This failure to comply with these benchmarks will constitute a violation of the zoning regulations, as amended from time to time.
   (C)   Additional permitted accessory use: accessory uses as permitted and regulated in § 152.100(E)(2)(b)2. and (E)(2)(b)3.
   (D)   The rezoning district map is amended to rezone the following property from Single-Family Residential District (R-3) to Single-Family Lakeshore Residential (R-7): Patriot’s Point Subdivision, Lots 1 through 26.
(Ord. 182, passed 11-27-2007)