(A)   Purpose. The R-5 Residential District is intended to provide a district which will allow two- family dwellings and townhouse dwellings by conditional use permit in those areas where the development fits the city comprehensive plan and where municipal community utilities are immediately available.
   (B)   Permitted uses. Within any R-5 Residential District, no structure or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses:
      (1)   Two-family dwellings;
      (2)   Private or parochial school which teaches a curriculum similar to public schools provided that no building shall be located nearer than 25 feet from any lot line;
      (3)   Churches including those related structures located on the same site which are an integral part of the church proper, convents or homes for persons related to a religious function on the same site provided no buildings shall be located nearer than 25 feet from any lot line; and
      (4)   Public office buildings, parks and playgrounds.
   (C)   Conditional uses. Within any R-5 Residential District, no structure or land shall be used for the following uses except by conditional use permit:
      (1)   Any use listed in § 152.088(C) and as regulated therein except as modified herein;
      (2)   Single-family detached dwellings;
      (3)   Accessory buildings other than garages;
      (4)   One-family townhouse subject to the following:
         (a)   The structure containing a townhouse shall have three to ten dwelling units;
         (b)   The structure containing a townhouse shall conform to all yard regulations;
         (c)   A fire wall shall be required to separate each two dwelling units connected by a common wall from all other units; and
         (d)   All driveways and parking areas which accommodate three or more cars shall be surfaced with a permanent hard surfaced material.
      (5)   Rest home or nursing home.
   (D)   Permitted accessory uses. Within any R-5 District, the following uses shall be permitted accessory uses:
      (1)   Permitted accessory uses as provided and regulated in § 152.087(D) except as modified herein; and
      (2)   Private garages, parking spaces and carports for passenger cars and for one truck at not more than a 7,000 pound rated capacity.
   (E)   Lot area, height, lot width and yard requirements.
      (1)   No residential structure shall exceed two stories.
      (2)   A side yard abutting a public right-of-way (street) shall not be less than 20 feet in width.
      (3)   The following minimum requirements shall be observed subject to additional requirements, exceptions and modifications set forth in other sections of this chapter.
Front yard
53 feet from centerline of right-of-way
Minimum lot area (single-family detached)
7,200 square feet
Minimum lot area (two-family dwelling)
9,000 square feet
Minimum lot width (single-family detached)
60 feet
Minimum lot width (two-family dwelling)
80 feet
Minimum square footage per family unit (townhouses)
4,500 square feet
Rear yard
30 feet
Side yard
1 shall be 10 feet with the sum of the 2, 16 feet or more
   (F)   Floor area requirement.
      (1)   Single-family detached dwelling shall contain at least 960 square feet of floor area, 600 square feet of which shall be on the first floor.
      (2)   Two-family dwellings shall contain at least 800 square feet of floor area per dwelling unit.
      (3)   Townhouse dwellings shall contain at least 720 square feet when one story and at least 1,100 square feet when two story, minimum side setback shall be 20 feet.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)