(A)   No person, except military personnel or peace officers engaged in the course of their duties, shall keep, carry, or have in his or her possession on any public street, or being a trespasser upon the premises of another, or in a public place, or in any school zone, or at any public event, in the city, any assault weapon or military-type weapon. ASSAULT WEAPON shall mean any weapon other than a firearm having the personal assault characteristics of any sap, numchucks, blackjack, slungshot or slingshot, wrist rocket, sand club, chain club, police type baton, metal knuckles, or shurikens, dirk, dagger, stiletto, switch-blade knife, spring blade knife, push button knife, butterfly-type knife, potato gun or any other similar devise using gunpowder or other explosive or incendiary power to propel an object. MILITARY-TYPE WEAPON shall mean any destructive device having fire power, mass, explosive or incendiary characteristics of weapons such as cannons having a bore diameter larger than one-half inch, bazookas, machine guns, fully automatic weapons, mortars, grenades, and Molotov cocktail; however, military type weapon shall not include shotguns, pistols, revolvers or rifles that are not machine guns or fully automatic weapons.
   (B)   The provisions of this section shall not apply to any person possessing or transporting an assault weapon or military type weapon while lawfully engaged in the business of making, selling or repairing assault weapons or military-type weapons, nor to persons using or possessing a weapon in accordance with a valid permit or for use in officially recognized competition.
(Ord. 124, passed 10-25-1994) Penalty, see § 131.99