§ 90.08  REDEMPTION.
   (A)   Any dog or cat may be reclaimed from the animal shelter by its owner within the time specified in the notice by the payment to the Clerk-Treasurer of the license fee (if not paid for the current year, plus penalty, if any), with an impoundment fee, plus the cost of boarding fee, which the fees shall be determined by City Council resolution.
   (B)   The redemption fee as set forth herein, including impounding fee and boarding fee, shall be paid, in full, when the owner reclaims the dog or cat from the animal shelter. In addition, if the owner does not reclaim the dog or cat, and the dog or cat is disposed of in accordance with other provisions of this chapter, the owner of the dog or cat shall be liable to the city for all accrued impounding fee, boarding fee and disposition costs, if any. For purposes of this chapter, the owner as shown the on the license and license application shall be conclusively presumed to be the current owner of the dog or cat, unless the listed owner documents to the satisfaction of the City Clerk-Treasurer or his or her agent the identity of the current owner. Notwithstanding this section, the owner shall remain subject to all penalties contained in this chapter.
(Ord. 192, passed 2-8-2011)  Penalty, see § 90.99