• Section 7.08  Permitted Temporary Signs and PromotionalBanners.
   (a)   Within all non-residential zoning districts, one (1) promotional banner is permitted per premise at any given time, but in no case shall it remain in place for more than two (2) non-consecutive thirty (30) day periods per calendar year.
   (b)   Promotional banners shall be permitted to be thirty (30) square feet in size and mounted no more than six (6) feet high and ten (10) feet in length.
   (c)   Temporary promotional banners shall not be located in a public right-of-way, must be affixed to the principal building of the business or freestanding, removable poles and shall be located and designed to avoid interference with or distraction to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
   (d)   All promotional banners that are not properly maintained shall be removed at the order of the Zoning Administrator.
   (e)   All other promotional banners are strictly prohibited.