• Section 7.02  General Conditions.
   (a)   Location.  All signs must advertise a business or service on the premises upon which the sign is located and to which the sign is accessory, unless otherwise specified herein. 
   (b)   Illumination.
      (1)   The City, in its sole discretion, shall approve the method of sign illumination to ensure that the standards contained herein are met.
      (2)   No sign shall be illuminated by other than electrical means.
      (3)   The intensity and direction of light from an illuminated sign shall not interfere with vehicular traffic or the use and enjoyment of adjacent or nearby properties.  Particular attention shall be paid to the effect of illuminated signs on neighboring residential uses.
   (c)   Safety.
      (1)   All signs shall be erected and maintained in compliance with all applicable building codes, and other applicable ordinances governing construction within the City of Howell.  In the event of conflict between this article and other laws, the most restrictive shall govern.
      (2)   All signs shall be placed so as to not interfere with the visibility or effectiveness of any official traffic sign or signal, motorist or pedestrian.
      (3)   No sign shall be erected, relocated or maintained so as to obstruct fire fighting or prevent free access to any door, window or fire escape.
   (d)   Preservation of Community Landscape. In the application of this article, it is the intent to protect the public welfare and to enhance the appearance and economic value of the landscape by providing that signs comply with the following:
      (1)   Do not interfere with scenic views;
      (2)   Do not create a nuisance to persons using the public right-of-way;
      (3)   Do not constitute a nuisance to occupancy of adjacent and contiguous property by their brightness, size, height, or movement;
      (4)   Are not detrimental to surrounding property values;
      (5)   Contribute to the special character and historical significance of particular areas or districts in the City; and
      (6)   Are compatible in design, architecture, construction material and manner of lighting with the buildings in the area in which the signs are located.
   (e)   Signs Prohibited in All Districts.
      (1)   Roof signs
      (2)   Signs containing flashing, scrolling, blinking, intermittent or moving lights, digital/electronic signs, or signs with moving or revolving parts.  Exceptions to this restriction may be permitted by the Planning Commission based upon good justification, for example, the historical significance of signage.  Digital/electronic signs may be considered for the display of gas prices at automobile filling stations located outside of the Central Business District but only as a special land use. A portion of a drive-in/drive-through restaurant menuboard may also incorporate a digital/electronic sign pursuant to Section 7.09(d)(7).
      (3)   Signs affixed to trees, rocks, shrubs or similar natural features, but not when an integral part of or carved out of such features.
      (4)   Signs that imitate traffic signals, traffic direction signs, or similar traffic control devices.
      (5)   Temporary signs mounted upon trucks, vans, or other wheeled devices.  Signs permanently painted on, or otherwise permanently displayed upon a vehicle, licensed and operating on the public streets and highways, identifying the owner's occupation or livelihood, shall be permitted.
      (6)   Permanent signs other than those erected by a public agency that are located within or overhang the public right-of-way or on public property.
      (7)   Any sign or sign structure which:
         A.   Is structurally unsafe; or
         B.   Constitutes a hazard to safety or health by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation or abandonment; or
         C.   Is not kept in good repair; or
         D.   Is capable of causing electrical shocks to persons likely to come in contact with it.
      (8)   Signs that make use of words such as "Stop", "Look", "Danger" or any other words, phrases symbols or characters, in such manner as to interfere with, mislead or confuse traffic.
      (9)   Any sign or other advertising structure containing any obscene, indecent or immoral matter.
      (10)   Any sign unlawfully installed, erected or maintained.
      (11)   Abandoned signs.
   (f)   Signs Permitted in All Districts.
      (1)   Nameplates not exceeding two (2) square feet in size. 
      (2)   Political signs shall be erected on private property only and not within any public right-of-way. All political signs shall be removed within five (5) days following the day of each election. Political signs shall not be erected or displayed less than one hundred (100) feet from any entrance to a building in which a polling place is located. 
      (3)   On-premises directional signs that indicate direction of traffic flow shall be permitted, subject to the following:
         A.   On-premise directional signs that are intended to direct traffic flow into a site from a public street are permitted in all districts.  Such signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area and four (4) feet in height, shall be located a minimum of five (5) feet from any property line and shall be positioned in a manner which will not obstruct the vision of motorists and/or pedestrians.
         B.   On-premise directional signs which are intended to direct traffic flow within a site shall be permitted in all districts for the following permitted and special uses: schools, hospitals, offices, parks, governmental facilities and other similar uses.  Such signs shall not exceed twenty (20) square feet in area and six (6) feet in height, shall be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from any property line and shall be positioned in a manner which will not obstruct the vision of motorists and/or pedestrians.
         C.   On-premise directional signs may be illuminated and shall contain no advertising, but may include corporate identification.
         D.   The Planning Commission may vary the size and location of an on-premises directional sign in order to facilitate traffic flow and safety.
      (4)   Signs denoting a site of historic significance shall be permitted in all districts.  However, location, size, structure, etc., shall be approved by the Planning Commission.
      (5)   Restaurant menu signs not to exceed three square feet in size. Such signs are limited to one per restaurant and the menu sign shall not count against the amount of wall sign permitted for the restaurant.
      (6)   Building directory signs for multi-tenant buildings, listing the tenants of the building. Such signs are limited to one per building and shall not exceed six square feet.
      (7)   Construction signs advertising an upcoming or ongoing project, subject to the following provisions:
      a.   The maximum size of a construction sign shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in a residential district and sixty-four (64) square feet in a non-residential district.
      b.   The maximum height of a construction sign shall not exceed eight (8) feet.
      c.   Corner lots shall be permitted two (2) signs, one on each road frontage.
      d.   Construction signs shall be removed thirty (30) days after the certificate of occupancy is issued for the project.
      e.   No construction sign shall remain on premises if the project has not commenced after six (6) months of the sign's installation or if construction has ceased for a period of six (6) months.
      (8)   Promotional banner for civic or charitable activity may be authorized by the Zoning Administrator after a Permit application is submitted, showing the banner to be installed and the location.