(a)   All trees in the street rights of way of the City shall be trimmed and pruned by the abutting property owner so that no branch thereof grows or hangs lower than nine and one-half feet above the level of the sidewalk.
   (b)   All trees on private property, the branches of which extend over the line of a street, shall be trimmed and pruned so that no such branch grows or hangs over the line of the street or sidewalk lower than nine and one-half feet above the level of the sidewalk.
   (c)   No person shall permit a tree in the public streets of the City to grow in such a manner, or be or remain untrimmed, so as to defeat the object of the street lighting system. All such trees shall be trimmed so as to obstruct as little as possible the efficiency of the street lights without destroying the beauty and symmetry of such trees.
(Ord. 45. Passed 10-10-05.)
   (d)   If the owner or occupant of any premises, or his or her agent, allows any tree growing upon his or her premises, or upon that portion of the street upon which his or her premises abuts, to grow or remain in such a condition as to violate any of the provisions of this section, the Director of Public Works shall notify such owner, occupant or agent of the requirements of this section. Such notice may be verbal or written. If written, it shall be mailed to the owner of record of the property in question, certified, return receipt requested. If the property is occupied by someone other than the owner of record, a copy of the aforesaid written notice shall also be sent to such occupant.
   If such trees are not properly trimmed by the owner, occupant or agent within ten days after receipt of such notice, the Director shall forthwith proceed to trim such trees in accordance with the requirements of this section.