At the time and place designated in the notice provided for in Section 892.09, Council and the City Assessor shall meet and hear all persons interested in such assessments and consider all objections as filed with the City Clerk. At such time and place, Council shall review the assessment roll and may alter, change or correct the same if necessary and confirm it as reported and returned or as altered, changed and corrected. Otherwise, Council may refer the assessment roll back to the Assessor for revision or annul it and direct a new assessment, in which case the same proceedings shall be had as in the case of original assessment. However, in altering, changing or correcting the roll, Council shall not add any lands not included in the notice of the original assessment. Further, Council may adjourn and continue such hearing from time to time. When the special assessment roll has been confirmed by Council, the Clerk shall endorse a certificate thereof upon the roll showing the date of confirmation.
(Ord. 158. Passed 7-2-56.)