Alcoholic Beverages
604.01   Prohibited in public parks.
604.02   Prohibited in Howell Shopping Center parking lot.
604.03   Permitted in Armory.
604.04   Sale to and possession by minors.
604.05   Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to minor; failure to make diligent inquiry; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; signs; consumption of alcoholic liquor as cause of death or injury; felony; enforcement against licensee; consent of parent or guardian in undercover operation; defense in action for violation; report; definitions.
604.05A   Selling, serving, or furnishing alcohol; prohibitions.
604.06   Purchase, consumption, or possession of alcoholic liquor by minor; attempt; chemical breath analysis; notice to parent, custodian, or guardian; construction of section; exceptions; "any bodily alcohol content" defined.
604.07   Power of peace officer or law enforcement officer witnessing violation to stop and detain person; issuance of appearance ticket.
604.08   Presumptions; notice requirements.
604.09   Stop and detain; appearance tickets.
604.99   Violation, fines, sanctions; furnishing fraudulent identification to minor; screening and assessment.
   Intoxicating liquors generally - see M.C.L. Secs. 436.1 et seq.
   Sales on Sundays and municipal election days - see M.C.L. Sec. 436.19e
   Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor - see TRAF. 410.03 (U.T.C. Secs. 5.01, 5.15 et seq.)
   Possession of alcoholic liquor in a passenger compartment - see TRAF. 410.03(U.T.C. Secs. 5.16a, 5.16b)
   Drugs - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 612
   Public intoxication - see GEN. OFF. 662.01(b)(5)