(a)   As used in this section "alcoholic liquor" means any spirituous, vinous, malt or fermented liquor, liquid or compound, whether or not medicated, proprietary or patented and by whatever name called, containing one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume, which is fit for use for beverage purposes.
   (b)   A minor, defined as a person less than twenty-one years of age, shall not purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor, consume or attempt to consume alcoholic liquor or attempt to possess alcoholic liquor, except as provided in this chapter and by Section 703 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code (hereinafter referred to as "the Code"), that being M.C.L.A. 436.1101 et seq.
   (c)   This section does not prohibit a minor from possessing alcoholic liquor during regular working hours and in the course of his or her employment if employed by a person licensed by the Code, by the Commission or by an agent of the Commission, if the alcoholic liquor is not possessed for his or her personal consumption.
   (d)   This section shall not be construed to limit the civil or criminal liability of a vendor or a vendor's clerk, servant, agent or employee for a violation of the Code.
(Ord. 696.  Passed 10-11-99.)