(a)   There is hereby established a Reserve Police Force for the City for the purposes of assisting the regular Police Department, training for civil defense and being available to serve during any emergency period which may arise in the City.
   (b)   The members of the Reserve Police Force shall be designated by the City Manager, and persons applying for such membership shall be recommended by the Chief of Police to the Manager. All members shall be at least twenty-one years of age, shall be residents of the County and shall serve at the pleasure of the Manager.
   (c)   Members shall serve without compensation, except for special functions as designated by the Chief. Their functioning shall be under the management, supervision and control of the City Manager, but they shall be under the immediate direction of the Chief.
   (d)   While on duty, members of the Reserve Police Force shall have the same duties and authority as members of the Police Department under the ordinances of the City and the statutes of the State, except for any contrary ruling which may be made by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council.
(Ord. 384. Passed 8-27-79.)