§ 116.10 REVOCATION.
   (A)   A license may be revoked if the license is suspended under § 116.10 and the cause for the suspension is not remedied.
   (B)   A license may be revoked if the license is subject to suspension under § 116.10 because of a violation outlined in that section and the license has been previously suspended in the preceding 24 months.
   (C)   A license is subject to revocation if a license holder or employee of a license holder:
      (1)   Gave false or misleading information in the material submitted during the application process;
      (2)   Knowingly allowed possession, use, or sale of non-cannabis controlled substances on the premises;
      (3)   Operated the cannabis establishment or the business of the cannabis establishment for which a license is required under this chapter while the license was suspended;
      (4)   Repeated violations of § 116.11;
      (5)   Operated a function of a cannabis establishment for which the license holder was not licensed (e.g., a licensed cannabis cultivation facility conducting cannabis testing functions without a cannabis testing establishment license);
      (6)   A license holder, or an owner, principal officer, or board member thereof, is delinquent in payment to the city, county, or state for any taxes or fees related to the cannabis establishment;
      (7)   A license holder, or an owner, principal officers, or board member thereof, has been convicted of, or continues to employ an employee who has been convicted of, a disqualifying felony offense as defined by SDCL § 34-20G; or
      (8)   The license holder has its department-issued registration certificate suspended, revoked, or not renewed or the registration certificate is expired.
      (9)   The license holder allows a public nuisance to continue after notice from the city.
(Ord. 1236, passed 10-4-2021)