7-1-10: BILLING:
   A.   Regular Billing Period: The regular billing period for said water service charges will be for each calendar month as determined by the council.
   B.   Opening And Closing Bills: Opening and closing bills for less than the normal billing period shall be for not less than one month.
   C.   Billing Time: Bills for water service charges shall be rendered at the beginning of each billing period and are payable upon presentation, except as otherwise provided. (Ord. 136, 9-13-1990)
   D.   Delinquent: A bill for water services to any premises shall become delinquent if not paid by the twenty sixth day of the month in which such bill is rendered, and water service shall not be restored until a fee as determined by resolution of the city council and all delinquent bills and charges have been satisfied. (Ord. 136, 9-13-1990; amd. 2008 Code)
   E.   Collection By Suit: The city may collect unpaid water charges by suit, in which event, it shall have judgment for the cost of suit and reasonable attorney fees. (Ord. 136, 9-13-1990)