A.   Restricted: The driver of a motor vehicle may not overtake and pass upon the right of another motor vehicle where there is marked by lines or posted a pedestrian and/or bicycle lane, unless the pavement is marked for two (2) lanes for two (2) vehicles moving lawfully in the direction being traveled by the overtaking vehicle. (Ord. 162, 9-15-1995)
   B.   Violation; Penalty: A violation of this section shall constitute an infraction subject to a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) provided that if rule 9 of the Idaho infraction rules establishes a fixed penalty for this offense, the punishment shall be the amount fixed by said rule; subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (Ord. 162, 9-15-1995; amd. 2008 Code; Ord. 244, 12-20-2012)