Whenever police shall be in the fresh pursuit of an offender against any law of the state of Idaho or ordinance of the city, and the offense has been committed within the corporate limits of the city, such police or police officer, while in fresh pursuit, may go beyond the corporate or geographical limits of the city, the arresting officer may take such offender to and keep him in the Boise County jail or other place to prevent his escape until trial can be had before the proper court, or may personally hand such arrested person a notice, in writing or partly in writing and partly printed, to appear in the proper court at a time specified in such notice, and in addition to such notice, whenever a proper judge is not available to fix and accept bail for the appearance of such offender in a court of competent jurisdiction, such arresting officer may accept a temporary bail for the appearance of such offender at the time specified in said notice, and which bail shall be by the arresting officer delivered to the proper judge. (2008 Code)