A.   Generally: It shall be the duty of all members of the department to cause the public peace to be preserved and to see that all laws and ordinances within the city are enforced.
   B.   Arrest Powers:
      1.   Whenever the violation of any law or ordinance shall be reported to the police department or come to their knowledge, they shall cause the informant, who is a competent witness, to testify against the accused and to sign the required complaint; provided, however, that when a violation of any law or ordinance is committed in their presence, the arrest may be made without a complaint and such complaint may be made by the arresting officer and filed in the proper court. It shall be the duty of members of the department, whenever arrests for the violation of any law or ordinance have been made, to see to it that all possible evidence is procured for prosecution of the offenders.
      2.   The officers and members of the police department shall have power to arrest all offenders against the laws of the state of Idaho and ordinances of the city by day or by night, in the same manner as any sheriff or constable, and keep them in the Boise County jail or other place to prevent their escape until trial can be had before the proper court. (2008 Code)