The city zoning plan regulates the use of land and structures by assigning uses to one or more districts. Idaho Code section 67-6511A permits a procedure for accommodating specific land uses in the city while continuing to provide for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. This chapter is intended to provide reasonable standards and procedures in order to:
   A.   Implement the goals and policies of the city comprehensive plan;
   B.   Preserve and protect the character of the city;
   C.   Assure the public health, safety and welfare of present and future citizens of the city;
   D.   Protect and enhance the natural resources of the city and integrate new development harmoniously into the city's natural environment;
   E.   Protect property rights by balancing the rights of abutting and neighboring landowners to enjoy their property without undue disturbance from abutting or neighboring uses;
   F.   Provide for specific land uses in neighborhoods that are determined compatible but prohibited by current zoning; and
   G.   Improve circulation and reduce traffic congestion and hazards on existing and proposed streets. (Ord. 224, 8-13-2008)