9.20.010  Malicious mischief.
   Any person who wilfully and maliciously tears up, injures, defaces or destroys any sidewalk, curbing, street paving, or crossing upon any street, alley or public ground; or any fire alarm, or sewer drain, or any other municipal improvement; or any building or bridge, or any other property, real or personal, belonging to the city; or any property used in any business impressed with a public interest and usually designated as a public service corporation, that is waterworks, gas, electric light, telephone, street railway or steam heating companies; or who maliciously and wilfully interferes or meddles in any way with the operation of any such business as before enumerated shall, in either case, be punished as provided in Chapter 1.12. Any reference to property, real or personal, made in this section refers to private property, as well as public property.
(Ord. 473 § 1, 1974; prior code § 16.108).