Prior Ordinance History for Chapter 119, Massage Parlors:  (‘72 Code, §§ 21-70 - 21-73) (Ord. O-74-121, passed 11-6-74; Am. Ord. O-89-43, passed 7-19-89; Am. Ord. O-95-20, passed 4-5-95; Repealed by Ord. O-2015-10, passed 6-17-15; Distance separation requirements for massage establishments adopted by Ord. O-2015-11, passed 6-17-15, was moved to LDA under Section 3.23(F))
General Provisions
   119.01   Purpose
   119.02   Definitions
Vacation Rental License
   119.10   License required
   119.11   Application for vacation rental license
   119.12   Modification of vacation rental license
   119.13   Duration of vacation rental license
   119.14   Renewal of vacation rental license
   119.15   Compliance inspections of vacation rentals
   119.16   (Reserved)
   119.17   Licenses non-transferable, non-assignable
   119.18   Rental agreement vesting
Vacation Rental Representative
   119.20   Duties of the vacation rental representative
Standards and Requirements for Vacation Rentals
   119.30   General
   119.31   Local phone service required
   119.32   Parking standards
   119.33   Solid waste handling and containment
   119.34   Maximum occupancy
   119.35   Posting of vacation rental information
   119.36   Minimum life safety requirements
   119.37   Advertising
   119.38   Commercial use of property prohibited
   119.39   Sexual offenders and predators prohibited
Administration, Penalties, and Enforcement
   119.55   Administration of Vacation Rental License Program
   119.56   Appeals
   119.57   Notice
   119.58   Penalties and enforcement