(A)   Required. No person shall perform the work of a swimming pool service technician unless he has been certified by the Department of Planning and Development Services as being qualified to perform such work and has a valid certificate of competency issued by such Department as evidence thereof. (‘72 Code, § 31-19)
   (B)   Examination. The Department shall periodically conduct examinations, pursuant to rules and regulations to be established by the Department under this division, to determine the qualifications of any person seeking to engage in the business of swimming pool service as a swimming pool service technician. Such examination shall be written in form and the Department may, at its discretion, provide for additional performance tests.
('72 Code, § 31-20)
   (C)   Minimum qualifications. The Department shall, by rules and regulations, establish reasonable minimum qualifications of applicants and requirements governing the application for issuance, suspension or revocation of such certificates of competency. Such rules and regulations shall be limited and designed to protect, preserve and safeguard the public health and safety with respect to the use and service of swimming pools.
('72 Code, § 31-21)
   (D)   Renewal; revocation. All certificates of competency issued pursuant to this subchapter must be renewed annually on October 1, of each year and may be revoked for cause by the Department but, violation of any applicable provision of the State Sanitary Code, Chapter 10D-5, or violation of any applicable municipal ordinance or regulation of the city, shall be deemed prima facie evidence grounds for revocation of a certificate of competency.
('72 Code, § 31-22)
   (E)   Fee for examination and renewal. For examination of swimming pool service technician, the fee shall be $25 per applicant. The fee for renewal of certificate of competency shall be $5 per applicant.
('72 Code, § 31-23)
   (F)   Additional requirements. No person shall be issued a certificate of competency until he has satisfactorily demonstrated to the Department of Planning and Development Services that he has had one year’s prior experience in servicing pools within the state and filed with the Department three acceptable credit references, and such person shall also demonstrate his financial responsibility to the satisfaction of the Department as of the date of his application for the certificate of competency. The requirements of this division are in addition to the requirement that a person successfully pass the written examination which is to be periodically given by the Department, pursuant to division (B) herein. (‘72 Code, § 31-24)
(Ord. 2167, passed - - ; Am. Ord. O-2011-15, passed 5-4-11) Penalty, see § 158.99