§ 51.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   Violators of this chapter shall be liable to the city for all costs and expenses of remediation of the city public water system caused by such violation. Such costs must be paid to the city before city water will be supplied to such violator.
   (B)   (1)   Misdemeanor. A violation of this chapter is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor. The violator, upon conviction, shall be subject to penalty as provided in § 10.99 of this code of ordinances. Each 24-hour period the violation exists is a separate violation.
      (2)   Civil action.
         (a)   Whenever it appears to the City Council that any person has engaged or is about to engage in any act or practice violating any provisions of this chapter, the City Council may institute a civil action in the district court to enforce compliance with this chapter. Upon a showing that a person has engaged or is about to engage in an act or practice constituting a violation of this chapter, a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order or other such relief as the court deems appropriate may be granted. The City Council shall not be required to furnish any bond in said civil processing.
         (b)   The city may file a civil suit to collect all expenses and costs and attorney fees the city incurred as a result of a violation of this chapter which were not paid within ten days after billing the same to the violator.
         (c)   The city shall be entitled to costs and reasonable attorney fees on any suits brought to enforce this chapter or collect fees due the city.
(Ord. 05-18-15, passed 5-18-2015)