A.   Appointment: The chief of police shall be appointed by the mayor, with approval of the city council, along with other police officers as the mayor and council deem necessary. (1985 Code § 13-401)
   B.   Attend Court; Meetings: The chief of police or his designee shall be and remain in attendance at the city court at all times when the same is in session, and shall attend all meetings of the council. (1985 Code § 13-404)
   C.   Appoint Additional Police Officers:
      1.   The chief of police may appoint, by and with the consent and confirmation of the mayor and the city council, such additional peace officers for the city as the council may authorize.
      2.   In cases of emergency and in cases where a meeting of the council will not be had in time for council to give consent and approval to such appointments before the time at which such additional officers will be needed, he shall have authority to appoint such temporary officers for the city as shall be needed for the time. (1985 Code § 13-405)