§ 158.03 SCOPE.
   This chapter shall apply to the following entities within the jurisdiction of the town:
   (A)   All property owners, regardless of their previous practices, shall be subject to the regulations listed under § 158.06, Mandatory Standards for Existing Development, § 158.08, Development that Requires State Certification, and § 158.09, Developments that do no Require State Certification.
   (B)   All future developments shall be subject to the regulations listed under § 158.07, Mandatory Standards for Future Developments as well as those regulations listed in division (A).
   (C)   All construction activities, whether for future development or improvements on existing development (one or more units), shall be subject to these regulations listed under § 158.10, Mandatory Standards for Construction Activities.
   (D)   The town shall be responsible for meeting the requirements of § 158.11, Mandatory Standards for Public Education.
(Ord. 98-09, passed 5-28-98; Am. Ord. 99-18, passed 9-13-99)