A.   Official Copies: Two (2) of the copies of this code shall be maintained so that amendments thereto and all general ordinances hereafter passed will be posted and inserted in their proper place within this code, so that the said two (2) copies show all general ordinances passed to date and ready reference may be had thereto. One of said copies shall be maintained by the village clerk and the second by the village attorney. If any doubt arises as to whether a new ordinance is a general ordinance, the village clerk shall be guided by the advice of the village attorney.
   B.   Distribution Of Copies: All of the printed copies of this code belonging to the village shall be deposited with the village clerk. He shall deliver one copy thereof to each member of the board of trustees, two (2) copies to the Hodgkins Library, and copies to such other persons as the board of trustees may direct.
   C.   Presentation Of Copies: The board of trustees has the power to extend to or reciprocate courtesies of other municipalities by presenting them with a copy of this code, bound at the expense of the village, as may seem suitable, and the board shall also have the power to present two (2) copies of this code to the Illinois municipal league. (1985 Code § 1-1-5)
   D.   Purchase Of Copy: Any person other than the above named individuals wishing to obtain a copy of this code shall pay to the village a purchase price of fifty dollars ($50.00) per copy. (1985 Code § 1-1-5; amd. Ord. 91-2, 2-11-1991)