(A)   No sign regulated by this subchapter (except those specifically exempted in § 150.33 below) shall be displayed, erected, relocated, or altered unless all necessary permits have been issued by the city. Applicants shall submit an application form to the city before any permit may be issued. The fee for said permit per business, individual, or event shall be $25. The yearly renewal fee shall be $25.
   (B)   Signs shall only be erected or constructed in compliance with the approved permit.
   (C)   Applicants shall obtain a building permit for the footer of freestanding and monument signs.  Applicants shall also obtain an electrical permit for signs that require electrical service. 
   (D)   Signs permitted as an accessory to a legal, nonconforming use shall be subject to the regulations of the zone in which the nonconforming use is located.
(Ord. 2017-18, passed 11-6-17)