(A)   Truck Route No. 73 and Truck Route No. 138 are hereby established. These truck routes shall be the same as the presently existing State Routes, except the traffic thereon shall be on High Street instead of East Street. All through truck traffic, which is defined as all truck traffic bound through the city from one corporation limit to the other on either State Route 73 or State Route 138 being carried by trucks of one gross ton capacity or larger as the same is determine by the manufacturer’s capacity ratings, shall follow the truck routes from and after the time this section becomes effective and signs designating the routes are properly installed.
   (B)   No commercial tractor-trailer trucks shall use Springlake Avenue in the city unless for the purpose of making a delivery or pickup at a residence or business with property adjacent to Springlake Avenue. The Safety and Service Director shall post a sign notifying vehicles of this prohibition at the intersections of Springlake and North High Street, and Springlake and North West Street.
   (C)   A violation of this section shall carry the same penalty as § 74.119.
(1982 Code, Ch. 80, Sch. II) (Ord. 1976-15, passed 7-12-1976; Ord. 1984-40, passed 11-6-1984)