78.01   Pedestrian walking along highway
   78.02   Pedestrian on sidewalk has right-of-way
   78.03   Pedestrians on crosswalks
   78.04   Pedestrian on crosswalk has right-of-way
   78.05   Right-of-way yielded by pedestrian
   78.06   Pedestrians to yield right-of-way to public safety vehicle
   78.07   Right-of-way yielded to blind pedestrian
   78.08   Pedestrian on bridge or railroad crossing
   78.09   Pedestrian soliciting rides or riding on outside of vehicle prohibited
   78.10   Intoxicated or drugged pedestrian hazard on highway
   78.11   Operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices
   78.12   Operation of personal delivery device on sidewalks and crosswalks
   78.13   Prohibitions against pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles on freeways
   78.14   Low-speed micromobility devices