No person shall cause or allow earth-disturbing activities on a development area except in compliance with the standards and criteria set out in § 159.22 and §§ 159.23 through 159.31 and the applicable division (A) or (B) of this section.
   (A)   When a proposed development area consists of five or more acres and earth-disturbing activities are proposed for the whole area or any part thereof, the owner of record shall develop and submit for review a sediment control plan. Such a plan shall contain sediment control and water management practices so that compliance with other provisions of these regulations will be achieved during and after development. No earth-disturbing activities shall commence prior to acceptance of the erosion and sediment control plan by the designated agent of the city.
   (B)   When a proposed development area involves less than five acres it is not necessary to submit a sediment control plan; however the responsible person must comply with other provisions in these regulations. All earth disturbing activities shall be subject to surveillance and site investigation by the city, to determine compliance with the standards and regulations.
   (C)   The sediment control plan shall be certified by a professional engineer registered in the state.
   (D)   All plans shall be submitted to the city with the exception of those prepared by a public agency and shall be accompanied by a filing fee as determined by the city.
   (E)   The city shall be notified 48 hours prior to commencement of earth-disturbing activities. The city shall also be notified when the project is completed.
   (F)   All improvements shall be constructed in conformity with approved plans and shall be completed within the time fixed or agreed upon by the city.
   (G)   In order that the city has the assurance that the construction of improvements will be completed, the developer shall enter into one of the agreements as stated in § 159.47(A) of this chapter.
   (H)   These regulations are intended as guidelines and may be altered as necessary by the city.
(1982 Code, § 159.20)  (Res. 96-20, passed 2-3-1997)