(A)   Mobile food and medical uses. Mobile food and medical uses are permitted as temporary uses with the following conditions.
      (1)   Mobile food and medical uses must be located on private property, and with the permission of the property owner. The operator shall have written permission from the property owner to operate on their property. The written permission shall be kept with the vehicle and made immediately available to the city upon request.
      (2)   Mobile food and medical uses shall be allowed at public parks or facilities with the approval of the city. A list of available venues shall be kept in the office of the Safety and Service Director.
      (3)   Mobile food and medical uses may be allowed in the public right-of-way only if the timeframe and location is approved by the city. Vehicles cannot operate on a public sidewalk.
      (4)   Signage on such mobile uses shall be attached to the vehicle and may not extend above the roof or beyond the sides of the vehicle.
      (5)   The vehicle shall have all permits and licenses required by the state and the county to operate. A current copy of the permits and licenses shall be kept at the vehicle and immediately made available upon request. The operator shall comply in all respects with all requirements of state and county laws.
      (6)   Noise generated by the vehicle shall not become a nuisance. No vehicle shall use or maintain any outside sound amplifying equipment, televisions, or similar visual entertainment devices or noisemakers.
   (B)   Outdoor sales. Temporary outdoor sales that are accessory to a principally permitted use are permitted subject to the following.
      (1)   Outdoor sales and display areas are located on the sidewalk or walkway adjacent to the building in the front yard or are located in the side or rear yard.
      (2)   Outdoor sales may be located in designated areas of a parking lot if such location is identified on a site plan and approved by the Safety and Service Director.
      (3)   The placement of merchandise must not interfere with pedestrian movement on any sidewalk or walkway and must be clear of the visibility triangle, as described in § 155.107(J) (Visibility), to ensure a clear line of site for vehicles pulling onto a right-of-way. A minimum of five feet of sidewalk or walkway shall be clear of merchandise to allow for safe pedestrian movement.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.151; Ord. 2020-16, passed 12-14-2020)