The following sections of the Illinois plumbing code, 2004 edition, are hereby amended as follows:
890.510 Grease Interceptors. Add the following:
Only below grade type interceptors shown in appendix E illustration B shall be allowed for any new facility or when a change of use requires a grease interceptor. If a below grade interceptor is not technically feasible, the building official shall approve an alternate interceptor design and location.
Any existing facility which is required to have a grease interceptor and fails to maintain the interceptor in good condition or modifies an existing interceptor to interfere with its proper installation and functioning will be required to install a new grease interceptor as required above.
890 Appendix A Table A. Table A is amended to read as follows:
      1.   Sanitary sewer:
         A.   Outside:
            1. Cast iron - service weight or extra heavy or ductile iron.
            2. PVC schedule 40 ASTM 2665.
            3. PVC SDR 26 ASTM 3034.
         B.   Inside - Drain, waste and vent:
            1. Underground cast iron - service weight or extra heavy.
            2. Above ground:
               a.   Cast iron with hubs and molten lead joints.
               b.   Galvanized steel.
               c.   Copper, type DWV.
               d.   PVC - schedule 40 ASTM 2665.
      2.   Water pipe:
         A.   Below grade - type K copper.
         B.   Above grade:
            1. Type K or L hard copper.
            2.   Galvanized.
            3.   Storm sewer:
               A.   PVC schedule 40 (on private property only).
               B.   PVC SDR 26 (on private property).
               C.   Reinforced concrete pipe.
               D.   Cast iron - service weight or extra heavy duty.
(Ord. 2007-O-27, 8-7-2007; amd. 2009 Code)
WaterSense Label: Pursuant to 17 Illinois administrative code 3730.307(c)(4) and subject to the Illinois plumbing code (77 Ill. adm. code 890) and the lawn irrigation contractor and lawn sprinkler system registration code (77 Ill. adm. code 892), be it hereby ordained that in the city of Highwood, all new plumbing fixtures and irrigation controllers installed after the effective date hereof shall bear the WaterSense label (as designated by the U.S. environmental protection agency WaterSense program), when such labeled fixtures are available. (Ord. 15-O-50, 9-1-2015)