Section 101.1 Title. Insert city of Highwood, Illinois.
Section 103.1 General. Delete this section in its entirety and restate as follows:
The executive official in charge of administering this code shall be known as the code official. Further, any enforcement officer may enforce the provisions of this code.
Section 103.6 Restriction Of Employees. Add the following section:
An official or employee connected with the enforcement of this code, shall not be engaged in, or directly or indirectly connected with, the furnishing of labor, materials, or appliances for the construction, alteration or maintenance of a building, or the preparation of construction documents thereof, unless that person is the owner of the building; nor shall such officer or employee engage in any work that conflicts with the official duties or with the interests of the department.
Section 103.5. Delete this section in its entirety and restate as follows:
The fees shall be indicated in the city of Highwood fee ordinance.
Section 108.5.1. Add the following section:
Every person owning or having charge or control of any vacant or fire damaged building shall remove all combustible waste and refuse therein and lock and barricade or otherwise secure all windows, doors and other openings in the building to prohibit entry by unauthorized persons.
Section 109.1 Imminent Danger. Delete this section in its entirety and restate as follows:
When there is actual or potential danger to the building occupants or those in proximity of any structure because of the violation of any fire or other life-safety code, thereby posing an imminent and immediate danger to the occupants of the structure and/or those in its proximity; or any other unsafe or unhealthful condition which may pose an imminent danger, or endanger the life of the occupants of a structure, including but not limited to fire, plumbing hazard, electrical hazards, biohazard, mold, mildew, filth, sewage or insufficient plumbing and/or sanitary facilities, the code official is hereby authorized and empowered to order and require the occupants to vacate the premises forthwith. The code official shall cause to be posted at each entrance to such structure, a notice reading as follows: "This structure is unsafe and its occupancy has been prohibited by the code official." It shall be unlawful for any person to remove such notice. Further, it shall be unlawful for any person to enter said structure except for the purpose of securing the structure, making the required repairs, removing the hazardous conditions or demolishing same.
Section 109.6 Hearing. Delete this section in its entirety and restate as follows:
Any person ordered to take emergency measures will comply with such order forthwith. Any affected person shall thereafter, upon petition directed to the city, be afforded a hearing to appeal such decision. The procedure for such appeal shall be as set forth in section 12 of the city of Highwood rental property safety ordinance of 2003, as amended from time to time. However, further provided that in the sole discretion of the city of Highwood, such appeal may be heard directly by the mayor and city council, rather than the zoning board of appeals. This hearing/appeal procedure shall apply, wherever a right of hearing/appeal is provided for in the code.
Section 111.2 Membership Of Board. Delete this section in its entirety and restate as follows:
The board of appeals shall be the Highwood appeals commission as indicated by section 2-8-1 of the Highwood city code.
Section 202 General Definitions. The following definitions are amended, added or modified in said section:
Enforcement Officer. Shall mean any of the following: building official, code official, health inspector, or police chief of the city of Highwood, Illinois, or their designees, including contractors and/or consultants.
Section 602.3 Heat Supply. Insert October 1 to May 1.
Section 602.4 Occupiable Work Spaces. Insert October 1 to May 1.
Chapter 8 Referenced Standards. Change the following referenced standards:
Delete the international existing building code.
Delete all references to the international plumbing code and insert the Illinois plumbing code.
Delete the international zoning code.
Appendices. Appendix A is hereby adopted by this chapter.
(Ord. 16-O-55, 12-6-2016)