Section 101.1 Title. Insert city of Highwood, Illinois.
Section 107.1 General. Add the following to the section:
All construction documents are required to be signed, sealed and certified by an Illinois licensed design professional. Construction documents, special inspections and structural observation programs, and other data shall be submitted in three sets with each application for permits.
Section 113.4 Time Limit. Add the following section:
All appeals shall be filed within 30 days of the plan review denial or the date of the inspection where the work was not approved.
Section 1612.3 Establishment Of Flood Hazard Areas. Add the following to the end of the section:
This section is not applicable.
Section 3412.2 Applicability. Insert December 1, 2016.
Chapter 35 Referenced Standards. Change the following referenced standards:
Delete the international existing building code.
Delete all references to the international plumbing code and insert the Illinois plumbing code.
Delete the international private sewage disposal code.
Delete the international wildland-urban interface code.
Appendices. The following appendices are adopted by this chapter:
G, H105, H106, and I.
(Ord. 16-O-55, 12-6-2016)