It shall be unlawful for any person not authorized by the city council to connect to, tamper with, alter or injure any part of the city waterworks or supply system, or any meter. If any person allows damage to occur, either intentionally, through negligence, or in any other fashion to any water meter, including meters located in outside meter pits, or any portion of the city's water supply system, it shall be said person's and the property owner's responsibility to contact the city for an inspection. Pursuant to said inspection, the city may recommend that the respective water meters, remote reader or any other portion of the municipal waterworks or system be replaced or repaired and such repair or replacement shall be at the sole expense of the property owner or person causing the damage. For purposes of this section, a meter with a broken seal or a frozen meter shall be deemed to be a damaged meter. (Ord. 14-O-11, 6-3-2014)