9-1-6: METERS:
   A.   Metered Water Required: Any person who receives water from the city public water supply shall install and maintain a water meter, approved and supplied by the city in its sole discretion. All meters placed in service on any premises using the city water supply will be provided by the city at the cost of the property owner; however, such meters shall be owned by the city, which retains the right to inspect, repair and replace them upon reasonable notice to the owner of the premises. The property owner shall be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the water meter if damaged by any negligence or intentional act of the owner or occupant of the property being serviced.
   B.   Location: All water meters required by ordinance and hereinafter installed, replaced or serviced within the city shall be installed in a location that will provide easy access thereto and shall be located in the basement or crawl space of the structure being constructed or remodeled. In the event the structure does not have a basement or crawl space, the location of the water meter shall be designated by the code official or superintendent of water or their designee. Further, the water meter, when installed, replaced or serviced, shall provide for and include an exterior remote receptacle for reading the installed water meter. Said receptacle shall be of a type approved by the city and installed and maintained in a location which is easily accessible to personnel of the water department. The location of said receptacle shall be approved by the code official or superintendent of water or their designee. In the event that there is any suspected malfunction of the metering system, then, upon notice, access to the property shall be made available to the superintendent of water or his designee for inspection and repair. Upon failure to make the premises immediately available, water service to the premises may be terminated. Once so terminated, all of the charges, fines and fees specified in article A of this chapter for disconnection of delinquent consumers shall be applicable for such disconnection and reconnection. All owners and occupants shall, at their own expense, keep all water meters, including those previously located in outside meter pits, in good repair and properly protected from frost and other dangers, and shall be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing water meters that are damaged due to the failure of the owner or occupant to keep said meter in good repair or to protect said meter.
   C.   Reading Meters: The superintendent of water shall read or cause to be read every water meter used in the city at such times as are necessary so that the bills may be sent out at the proper times.
   D.   Testing Meters: Upon request or complaint of the consumer, any water meter shall be tested for accuracy. If, upon testing, the meter is found to be over three percent (3%) off in accuracy, the meter shall be replaced at no cost to the consumer. If the meter is found to be three percent (3%) or less in accuracy, then the consumer shall pay a testing fee equal to the cost charged by the contractor or facility performing the test, which contractor or facility shall be selected by the city. The city may also impose an administrative fee not to exceed twenty percent (20%) of the testing fee. (Ord. 14-O-11, 6-3-2014)