A.   Service Pipes: The state plumbing code shall control the design and installation of new plumbing systems and the alteration of existing plumbing systems. (Ord. 2004-O-8, 1-20-2004; amd. 2009 Code)
   B.   Compliance With Plumbing Regulations: No water shall be turned on for service in any premises in which the plumbing does not comply with the ordinances of the city; provided, that water may be turned on for construction work in unfinished buildings, subject to the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Excavations: Excavations for installing service pipes and laterals or repairing the same shall be made in compliance with the ordinance provisions relating to making excavations in streets; provided, that it shall be unlawful to place any service pipe in the same excavation with, or directly over, any drainpipe or sewer lateral, unless approved by the city.
   D.   Shutoff Boxes: Shutoff boxes or service boxes shall be placed on every service pipe, and shall be located between the curb line and the sidewalk line where this is practicable. Such boxes shall be so located that they are easily accessible and shall be protected from frost. (Ord. 2004-O-8, 1-20-2004)
   E.   Costs: All service pipes and laterals required or permitted by the city, from the waterworks system (water mains/corporation) to the stop box, shall be installed at the sole expense of the owner of the property to be served or the applicant for the service. If such water service must cross a city or state road or alley that requires boring and casing, the cost of such boring and/or casing shall be borne by the applicant for the service or the owner of the property being served. All such water services shall have a curb cock with a stop box flush with the ground and placed as directed and approved by the superintendent of water or his designee. Repairs to existing water pits for service connections may be permitted in the sole discretion of the superintendent of water or his designee, at the sole cost of the owner of the property to be served or the applicant for the service. (Ord. 14-O-11, 6-3-2014)