A.   The licensee shall at all times be personally responsible for the proper operation of the business and the acts of his bartenders, waitresses, waiters and employees serving alcoholic liquor in the course of their employment, including the compliance with the provisions of this chapter and the observation of all laws and regulations applicable thereto. The licensee is charged with the duty of selecting bartenders, waiters, waitresses and employees to sell alcoholic liquor who will comply with all of the provisions of the liquor control act and the provisions of this chapter.
   B.   Every act or omission of whatsoever nature constituting a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter by any officer, director, manager or other agent or employee of any licensee shall be deemed and held to be the act of such employer or licensee, and said employer or licensee shall be punished in the same manner as if said act or omission had been done or omitted by him personally. (Ord. 16-O-12, 3-1-2016)