No premises shall be licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor at retail, nor shall any licensee sell alcoholic liquor at retail, unless the premises conform with the following regulations:
   A.   Light: All rooms shall be adequately lighted so that all parts of the premises may be inspected readily.
   B.   Construction: The walls and ceilings shall be of a smooth, hard material and shall be kept clean and sanitary and in good repair.
   C.   Rubbish: The premises shall be kept free from the accumulation of rubbish, garbage or any other decomposing or odorous substances.
   D.   Glasses: All drinking glasses shall be thoroughly cleaned and effectively subjected to any approved bactericidal process after each usage. Drying cloths shall be clean and shall be used for no other purpose.
   E.   Compliance With Public Health Directives And Executive Orders: All licensed premises shall comply with any and all applicable health and safety rules or regulations issued by a local or state department of health, or by executive order of the Illinois Governor, or by executive order of the Mayor, including but not limited to requiring customers on the licensed premises to comply with such rules or regulations. (Ord. 16-O-12, 3-1-2016; amd. Ord. 20-O-18, 8-18-2020)