(a)    All engagements in the Community Center Building shall be scheduled in a room of sufficient size to accommodate the guest list in conformance with the maximum allowable capacity of each room as established in the rules and regulations for use of the Community Center Building.
   (b)   Rental of the rooms will be available in blocks of time; 4-hours, 6-hours, 8-hours and 10-hours.  The block of time rented includes set up time, party time, and clean up time.
   (c)    Applications by persons, groups or organizations desiring to conduct recreational or other activities in the Community Center Building shall be submitted to the Mayor on application forms available at the City Hall. The Mayor shall determine whether or not such proposed activity is suitable for the Community Center Building and if sufficient time is available for the activity. If the Mayor determines that the Community Center Building should be made available for the proposed activity the applicant shall be so informed and advised that all fees charged for the activity shall be paid to the Finance Department of the City with the applicant thereafter receiving seventy-five percent (75%) of all gross receipts and the City retaining the remaining twenty-five percent (25%). The Mayor shall also determine, and so advise the applicant, of any other terms and conditions that must be satisfied in conjunction with the proposed activity including, but not limited to, liability insurance, maximum number of participants in the activity and clean-up procedures.
(Ord. 30-2002.  Passed 12-3-02..)