(a)   All employees who are required to take trips on City business in their own automobiles shall be reimbursed for mileage at the IRS rate then in effect, after submitting the required documentation to the Director of Finance and approval by the Director of Finance and the Mayor.
   (b)   Reimbursement shall also be made for parking fees and tolls incurred while on City business and submitted to the Director of Finance in the same manner required for mileage reimbursement.
   (c)   All elected or appointed Municipal officers, deputies, assistants, and employees of the City may attend, at the expense of the City, any conference or convention relating to municipal affairs if authorized by the Mayor and that employee's department head, and if the fiscal officer certifies that the funds are appropriated for such purpose.  Reimbursement shall be made for fees, travel, lodging and meals while in attendance after the proper documentation has been submitted to the Director of Finance and approved in accordance with the approval procedures of the City.  No expense shall be advanced unless such advancement has been approved by the Council before being paid.
(Ord. 20-2021.  Passed 6-22-21.)