The Commission on Aging a.k.a. Highland Heights Seniors shall serve in an advisory capacity to Council on all matters relating to aging, and to recommend programs for the aging resident of the City and the means of implementing such programs. The Commission may consider and make recommendations in the following areas of concern relating to the problems of aging, without limitation:
     (a)       Referral Services or Senior Information and Service Center.
      (1)     Job placement.
      (2)       Skills bank.
      (3)       Medicare - Social Security information.
      (4)       Emergency Services.
            (5)       Telephone assurance.
     (b)     Health.
            (1)       Health survey.
            (2)       Health needs defined.
            (3)       Increased or changing of existing services.
            (4)       Voluntary service programs with medical school, etc.
            (5)       Preventive health program.
   (c)       Leisure Time Activities.
            (1)       Trips.
            (2)       Classes.
            (3)       Exercise programs.
            (4)       Social involvement to provide services.
            (5)       Programs (dances, plays, movies, lectures).
            (6)       Recreation.
            (7)       What is happening in Highland Heights.
   (d)       Transportation.
            (1)       Minibus proposal.
            (2)       Define needs (questionnaire).
            (3)       Coordinating of other minibus services.
     (e)       Nutrition.
            (1)     Coordinating food programs.
            (2)       Food stamp program.
            (3)       Hot food (lunches, meals on wheels).
            (4)       Nutrition education.
                 (Ord.  8-2020.  Passed 3-24-20.)