(a)    The Clerk of Council is to be appointed by a majority of the members elected to Council and shall serve for a term of one year unless removed by a majority vote of the members elected to Council.
   (b)    The Clerk of Council shall have the following duties:
      (1)    Give notice of meetings of Council;
      (2)    Prepare a record of proceedings of all Council meetings which shall be termed the "minutes".
      (3)    Maintain a permanent record of all ordinances and resolutions by appropriate notation, show subsequent repeal and amendment thereof.
      (4)    Assign numbers, in their proper sequence, to all ordinances and resolutions.
      (5)    Perform all clerical duties incidental to the office.
      (6)    Prepare an agenda for each regular meeting of Council.
         (Ord. 52-1983. Passed 11-29-83.)