(a)    Standing Committees.
      (1)    Committees. The following standing committees consisting of three members each are hereby authorized:
         Legislative and Finance Committee.
         Safety and Service Committee.
         Drainage Committee.
   Members of these committees shall serve for a two-year period, beginning in January of each even-numbered year. Appointment of members to these standing committees shall be made at the first regular Council meeting in the even-numbered year, and shall be made by the President of Council.
   Each committee shall elect a Chairman and a Secretary for a period of one year. Such election shall be made at the first committee meeting held in each calendar year. It shall be the responsibility of the committee chairman to conduct all committee meetings and make reports to Council on such committee's behalf, and it shall be the responsibility of the secretary to keep the minutes of all committee meetings and retain a file of the same.
      (2)    Meetings. Committees shall meet on call of the chairman, or on request of two members, communicated to the other members. Twenty-four hours' notice of such meetings shall be given to each member.
      (3)    Quorum. A majority of members of a committee shall constitute a quorum.
      (4)    Temporary chairman. In the absence of the chairman, the other members shall appoint a temporary chairman to preside at that meeting.
      (5)    Reports. Reports of committees shall be agreed to by a majority thereof. All documents referred shall be returned to Council with the report of the committee. Upon motion, and by a majority vote, Council may relieve a committee of further consideration of any question, and order it placed on the calendar. When any matter is referred to a committee with instructions to report at a time named in the order of reference, failure to report at such time shall be considered as if reported back without recommendation, unless the time for report is extended by Council. If no such extension is granted, the committee shall forthwith return to the Clerk the documents pertaining thereto, and the matter shall take its appropriate place on the calendar.
      (6)   Responsibilities of standing committees.
         A.   Legislative and finance.
            1.   Coordinate Council fiscal policy with the Mayor and Finance Director.
            2.   Monitor expenditures with relationship to appropriations.
            3.   Study and advise Council concerning matters of major expenditures, other than those planned, scheduled and/or appropriated.
            4.   Assist the administration and Finance Director in analysis of revenue sources.
            5.   Assist the Finance Director in the preparation of annual budget and appropriation ordinances and supplements thereto.
            6.   Assist in miscellaneous studies and recommendations as requested by the President of Council.
            7.   Evaluate the policies of Council and recommend changes, deletions and additions.
            8.   Consider and recommend suggested amendments to ordinances.
         B.   Safety and service.  Advise and assist Mayor and Service Director concerning Council policy on service items, large in scope, to include the following:
            1.   Refuse collection.
            2.   Streets, including curbs, gutters and sidewalks.
            3.   Street lighting and signal lights.
            4.   Departmental machinery and equipment.
            5.   Departmental facilities.
            6.   Perform rate studies and recommend changes when necessary to adjust service costs in the interest of sound economics and/or orderly growth.
            7.   Assist the Mayor and the Service Director in solving nonroutine service problems as defined by the President of Council.
            8.   Study all safety problems pertaining to pedestrians and motorists and make recommendations to Council.
            9.   Coordinate activities between the Safety Director, the Police and Fire Departments and Council.
            10.   Be concerned with the safety and welfare of all police and fire personnel.
            11.   Consider any matter referred to the committee by the President of Council.
            12.   Assist the Mayor and Building Commissioner in formulating policies and carrying out functions of the Building Department.
               (Ord. 46-1994.  Passed 10-25-94.)
         C.    Drainage Committee.
            1.    Advise and assist the Mayor concerning Council policy on all drainage, flooding and sewer problems.
            2.    Sewer (storm and sanitary).
            3.    Pollution and environmental problems.
            4.    Drainage problems.
            5.    Coordinate all problems with the City Engineer and Service Director with Council approval on expenditures.
            6.   Review drainage issues and recommend to the Mayor and Council the amount of funds to be appropriated for drainage improvements during the annual budgeting process. 
(Ord. 34-2004.  Passed 11-9-04.)
   (b)    Committee of the Whole. The President of Council shall preside when Council resolves itself into the Committee of the Whole. These rules shall govern the Committee of the Whole except that no limit shall be placed on time or frequency of speaking and that the previous question cannot be moved. All questions shall be decided by a majority vote of those members present. When the Committee of the Whole meets, any measure, together with any amendments thereto, reported out, shall receive the immediate consideration of Council unless otherwise ordered placed upon the calendar. (Ord. 46-1994. Passed 10-25-94.)