(a)    Seating Arrangement. The seating arrangement in the Council Chamber may be determined by unanimous agreement of all Council Members at the beginning of the term. If such agreement is not reached, then the seating arrangement shall be arranged in numerical order and all members shall occupy such seats after drawing same by lot at the beginning of the term.
   (b)    Addressing Chair. Members when about to speak to a question or make a motion, shall address the Chair as "Mr. President", or "Mr. Chairman", who shall pronounce the name of the member entitled to the floor. Members addressing Council shall confine themselves to the question under debate and avoid personalities.
   (c)    Limitation of Debate. No member shall be allowed to speak more than once upon any one subject until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken, nor more than twice upon the same subject, nor for a time longer than five minutes, without leave of Council as expressed by a majority vote of the members present.
   (d)    Voting. Every member present when a question is put shall vote on same, unless Council shall, for special reasons, excuse him from voting. Such excuse shall be granted only if the member states reasons for the request before voting begins and Council, by majority vote of the members present, accepts them. There shall be no debate upon this question.
   Except as otherwise provided by these rules, by Charter, or by the Ohio Revised Code, the majority shall carry any ordinance or resolution.
   When an ordinance or resolution is presented by the Mayor or Councilman for the purpose of being introduced to Council, such legislation shall be prepared by the Law Director.
   (e)    Division of a Question. On demand of any member, a question under consideration which covers two or more points shall be divided where the question admits of such division.
   (f)    Demand for Roll Call. Any member may demand a roll call vote upon any question before Council at any time before the decision on such question is announced by the Chair.
   (g)    Excusal from Attendance. No member shall be excused from attendance at a Council meeting, except upon request to and permission by the President of Council prior to such meeting or by vote of a majority of the members present.
   (h)    Excusal During Meeting. No member shall be excused while Council is in session except upon permission of the Chair. (Ord. 52-1983. Passed 11-29-83.)