The Council shall have the power to fix all compensation paid by the Municipality, the salary of its own members, except as otherwise provided in this Charter. Any person may be required by the Council from time to time, to furnish a bond for the faithful performance of his duties; and the Council may provide that the premium for any such bond shall be paid by the Municipality. The compensation of the Mayor, and each member of the Council shall be fixed at least thirty (30) days before the time for the filing of the nominating petitions for the terms beginning on the next succeeding first day of January, and shall not thereafter be diminished or increased in respect to any such terms or any part thereof. The compensation of members of Council shall be fixed as an annual salary and shall include compensation for all services whether as a member of Council or as a member of a board or commission or any combination thereof. The Council of the Municipality shall fix the salaries of all elective and appointive officials. The Council may authorize the payment or reimbursement of expenses incurred by any official, employee or member of any board or commission of the Municipality for travel or otherwise in the interest of the Municipality. (Amended 11-5-85)