The following procedures shall govern the planning for the development of any land which has been zoned as a Recreation and Residential Development District:
   (a)    Development Plan. After an area is zoned as an R & R District, the developer shall prepare and submit to the Planning and Zoning Commission a development plan for the R & R District and supporting documentation, in accordance with Section 1124.10. The development plan shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with Section 1124.11.
   (b)    Site Plans. After approval of the development plan, the developer may proceed with the preparation of site plans for specific areas of the R & R District, including both residential areas and recreation areas, in accordance with Section 1124.12. Preliminary and final site plans shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with Section 1124.13.
   (c)    Issuance of Building Permits. After approval of a site plan, applications for building permits within the site plan area may be submitted to the Building Commissioner, together with the required permit fees and such building plans and specifications as are required for permits under Chapter 1107. Upon a determination by the Building Commissioner that the plans and specifications are consistent with the site plan previously approved and with applicable codes, regulations and standards governing the construction of the type(s) of structures for which the permits are sought, the Building Commissioner shall issue building permits. (Ord. 40-1986. Approved by electors 11-4-86.)