(a)    The Commission shall hear appeals on decisions made by the Building Commissioner or by any administrative officer (in matters relating to the Building Code or this Zoning Code), for relief from any order, requirement, decision or determination, including the refusal, granting or revocation of permits, and may thence decide appeals by either reversing, affirming wholly or in part, or modifying such order, requirement, decision or determination.
   (b)    The Commission shall also decide all matters specifically referred to it for decision in sections of this Zoning Code.
   (c)    The Commission shall have the power to subpoena and require the attendance of witnesses, to administer oaths, to compel testimony and to produce reports, findings and other evidence pertinent to any issue referred to it for decision.
   (d)    The Commission shall adopt such rules or regulations as may be necessary to carry into effect the powers and jurisdiction conferred upon it by this section, but not such rules or regulations as may be in conflict with this Zoning Code.
   (e)    The Commission shall have power to hear and determine appeals from refusal of building, zoning and use permits and to permit exceptions to and variations from the Zoning and Building Code regulations in individual cases as may be required to afford justice and avoid unreasonable hardship to property owners or users in accordance with standards established by ordinance of Council. The Commission shall commence hearing on all matters properly presented within thirty days of filing of request and shall render a decision thereupon within ninety days from such filing unless a longer time is agreed upon between the appellant and the Commission. Rulings and decisions of the Commission shall be final two weeks after the date of decision unless such decision is appealed to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals pursuant to Charter Section 6.06.01 and Chapter 1114.
(Ord. 21-1995. Passed 9-25-95.)