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151.01 Scope
151.10 Spacing and Placement in Right-of-Way Areas
151.02 Removal of Weeds, Vines and Brush
151.11 Reserved
151.03 Definitions
151.12 Diseased Trees and Shrubs
151.04 Injuring or Damaging
151.13 Unauthorized Trimming Prohibited in Public Areas: Permit Required
151.05 Fastening Materials
151.14 Trimming and Removal of Hazardous Right-of-Way Trees
151.06 Urban Forest Utility
151.15 Removal and Trimming on Private Property
151.07 Public Tree Maintenance
151.16 Barricades and other Protective Devices Required
151.08 Right-of-Way Planting Permit
151.17 Penalty
151.09 Certain Species Prohibited