A.   Adoption Of Map: The village has hereby adopted an official comprehensive map that is made a part of this title. Such map shall include the incorporated and contiguous unincorporated area within one and one-half (11/2) miles from the corporate limits of the village which designates the land use of such area. Such map, along with this title, sets forth standard requirements of the village relating to size of streets, alleys, public ways, parks, playgrounds, school sites, other public grounds, and ways for public service facilities; the kind and quality of materials for public services facilities; and shall contain the standards required for drainage and sanitary sewers and collection and treatment of sewage.
   B.   On File: A copy of the official comprehensive map, along with a copy of this title, shall be on file with the village clerk and available at all times during business hours for public inspection.
   C.   Compliance Of Plats With Map:
      1.   The economic development committee shall hereby have the authority to make a recommendation to the village board of trustees as to whether a proposed plat of a subdivision or resubdivision of territory within the corporate limits or the contiguous unincorporated area within one and one-half (11/2) miles of the village corporate limits complies with the official comprehensive map. The following must be submitted to the economic development committee of the village when requesting plat approval:
         a.   Not less than four (4) copies of the preliminary plat.
         b.   All documents required pursuant to section 12-4-3 of this title.
      2.   The economic development committee shall make such determination in the manner and within the time frame set forth in section 12-4-3 of this title and pursuant to the laws of the state of Illinois. (Ord. 2011-22, 6-6-2011)