ORDINANCE NO.           
   BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL of the City of Heyburn, Idaho, as follows:
   Section 1. From and after the date of passage of this Ordinance the City Code of the City of Heyburn, prepared by Sterling Codifiers and hereby approved and accepted, shall be the official code of all ordinances of the general and permanent character of the City.
   Section 2. It is hereby adopted, as a method of perpetual codification, the looseleaf-type of binding together with the continuous supplement service whereby each newly adopted ordinance of a general nature, amending, altering, adding to or deleting provisions of the City Code, identified by proper catch line, and the following preparations by Sterling Codifiers, shall be inserted in the proper place of each of the official copies. Each such insertion shall be made within thirty (30) days following the date of adoption by the City Council, and each new provision shall become effective upon such insertion.
   Section 3. At least three (3) official copies of the said City Code shall be maintained all on file and available for inspection in the office of the clerk.
   THIS ORDINANCE, adopted by the City Council and approved by the Mayor this            day of                      19            .
         HAROLD R. HURST, Mayor
         City of Heyburn
Ila Despain
City Clerk